Finseca has launched

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Finseca, a transformative trade organization created from the merger of AALU and GAMA with the goal of serving the financial security community and promoting financial prosperity for all Americans.

For too long the life insurance profession has lacked a unified voice and collective action to overcome challenges and increase impact. As the country navigates its way through turbulent times, with existing financial worries exacerbated by the economic repercussions of COVID-19, the new organization seeks to accelerate its impact through advocacy and professional development to enable better long-term planning for futures with less risk and uncertainty.

Finseca is committed to uniting a profession that serves 90 million American families. By driving transformative change, elevating the value and purpose of financial security professionals, increasing diversity in the profession, and broadening the accessibility of financial security, the organization aims to help deliver the American dream. It will do so by building on three transformational pillars: 1) elevate the noble work of the profession to drive better outcomes; 2) accelerate the market impact of the profession to reach more people; and 3) advocate for public policy to increase financial security for all.

We worked closely with the two organizations over a period of a year, formulating the brand strategy and creating the visual expression of the dynamic new brand.

Simon Thackway, Managing Partner, said: “It was an honor to help shape a brand that addresses something so fundamental – the concern for security that lives at the heart of all of us. Bringing the brand to life engaged us in partnership with an exceptionally driven client team; we are proud to have had the opportunity to be part of such a compelling project.”

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