judging the wolda

We are excited to announce that Kat McCord, Creative Director of Thackway McCord will be descending on Montreal today to join the jury of the 10th annual Wolda – the international competition honoring the world‘s best work in the area of for logo design and corporate branding. The competition’s aims also include workshops and exhibitions on the theme of graphic design and especially of logo design and importantly setting up international contacts between graphic designers all over the world.

For the 10th Wolda, Kat joins an international jury of made up of:

  • Norbert Küpper, Designer, Organizer of Wolda, Germany
  • Sara Rankin, Creative Director, Canada
  • Bill Gardner, Gardner Design, USA
  • Christian Baun, logodesign.dk, Denmark
  • Rodrigo, Faustino, Commgroup Branding, Brazil