a deeply strategic analysis of the Twitter/X brand transformation

Simon: A black X? Did Twitter just die? (laughter follows)
Kat: Is it going to be called X?
Tim: Goodbye to the cutest logo on the internet.
Kat: I wonder what the overall strategy is.
Simon: If his strategy is to destroy the company, he’s picked the perfect brand.
Kat: But why would he want to destroy it?
Simon: I mean, that’s one of the most valuable things Twitter has left – its brand.
Kat: Maybe it’s going to be the X of SpaceX.
Simon: He wants to make Twitter an interaction platform where people will do banking and all sorts of other things, basically dumping what Twitter was.
Samaira: Threads is basically the new Twitter.
Simon: There’s a new CEO, there’s a plan, and if there’s any rational thought behind this it’s that ‘Twitter is holding us back from our big vision, so as quickly as possible we tell the world that we’re not Twitter anymore, we’re something else, so watch this space and find out what we’re going to be’. But would you give these guys give your social and banking details? (echoes of ‘no way!’) 
Kat: So is the company going to be called X then? Reading here, he wants it to be an ‘everything’ app, which is a good idea. An everything app is a great idea. But it’s a sad day when that cute bird goes – and that was the only cute thing about it. People were vitriolic – and all the fake news and everything on there.
Lucinda: There’s a new corporate entity called X Corp. Hmm, interesting bunch of associations…
Kat: x.com – nice url. He must be thrilled to be using it after buying it back for $1 million. I wonder what the comments on Threads are about Twitter.
Tim: Actually, the icon for Threads is black, white on black. Which isn’t very friendly. Now they can take the sky blue.
Simon: They should just take the bird.

For sale: old phone with non-updated Twitter app: $1200.