Kat McCord presenting at Designation Conference

We are delighted to announce that Kat McCord will be leading an executive seminar at this weekend’s Designation Conference to be held at Spring Studios here in New York City. She will be leading a group of students from across the country in a discussion around the topic of Strategy, Design and the Big Idea.

Designation was founded in 2017 to fill the gap in undergraduate curriculums of the principles that govern design in real agencies, companies, and firms.

The conference is exploration of the versatility of a career in design, how design is applied differently across industries, and what it looks like to be a design leader facing the business and social challenges of our world.

Designation seeks to explore the versatility of careers in design, to understand the differences in application across industries of design and to define how leaders face and solve business and social challenges with design.

Find out more about this innovative student-run design conference here.