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Just released: The 2018 UK Reputation Dividend Report

The 2018 UK Reputation study by our friend and colleague Simon Cole is out now.

Commercial performance sets the foundation for corporate success but it’s companies’ reputations that keep the heart beating. Profitable revenue generation, effective operation and strong governance creates the possibility of earnings momentum but it is the thoughts, feelings and impressions in the minds of company watchers that underpin investor confidence in the financial returns expected and ultimately what determines share price.

The 2018 UK Reputation Dividend Report summarizes the health of corporate reputation and its capacity to drive shareholder value in the UK’s largest listed companies. It provides the latest perspectives on how well, or not, reputations are working for the companies they surround and the people who invest in them. It spells out the drivers of the value they deliver and reveals the opportunities for more effective messaging.

Reputation value analysis is critical intelligence. It presents company leaders, boards and reputation managers with unique understanding and in that, the means to deploy their companies’ reputations for both risk mitigation and value growth. The insight it brings provides the foundation needed to ensure that corporate communications and investor relations can prioritize the operational, performance and messaging strategies that underpin market confidence.

To read the full report download here: 2018 UK Reputation Value Report

And look out for US results, out April 2018.