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6 Keys to Success in Branding an Outsourcing Service Offer

This is a fast evolving market where challenger brands can thrive and established players must constantly move forward to cement their position. Firms in the outsourcing business face a variety of marketing issues not the least of which is that the term outsourcing carries with it a host of perceptions and expectations. While every branding situation presents a unique set of challenges recent dramatic successes in business services and outsourcing highlight a few unchanging keys to success. 

 1. Boil it down: You have a complex offering and long buying cycle. Simplify, clarify and be provocative in your sales pitch. Few outsourcing companies seem to spend enough time really understanding and responding to the customer mind set. 

2. Unique value: What’s the value you offer? You will need to go beyond the tablestakes/generic promises of: an extension of your business; improved efficiency; ability to scale, etc. Communicate a credible and distinctive proposition of value.

3. Sales force: We are all good at getting buy-in from the Board but over and over again branding firms fail to engage the salesforce. Start here and find out what’s really going on in the field. Bring the sales team along in the process. It may hurt to hear the truth but you better listen if you want to succeed.

4. Up Sell: Tired of being buried in buyer bureaucracy? Move up the chain to a more strategic selling proposition that engages the C-Suite. This will shorten the sales cycle and help to eliminate lower level internal road blocks.

5. Create an experience: You win when potential buyers see your operations. Bring the experience to them earlier in the process.

6. Be bold: You have big ambitions for your company let your brand reflect your Big Audacious Goals. Bold, well thought through brands attract clients, great employees and investors.