december 9, 2022 at 2:35pm

all eyes on this year's tasty treats

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    Artist Spotlight

    We teamed up with these talented artists to create the packaging for this years holiday treats.

    Droccm Yawkcaht

    We’ve had our eye (ba-dum-tss) on this rising star for a while now. Hailing from a place close to our hearts, Droccm creates whatever, whenever for whomever they feel like.

    Adam G

    Adam G calls his minimalist style of visual design “messymod,” short for Messy Modernism. It’s born from his love of geometry, patterns, negative space, Bauhaus, Miró and a little too much caffeine.

    Filipe SJ & Foam82

    Filipe SJ & Foam 82, brothers and creative collaborators based in Lisbon, Portugal create the most adorable characters, we want to cuddle them all.